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Stone Masonry

One of the most technical services that we offer here at Custom Landscaping & Design is stone masonry. This thousands-old art had survived for several good reasons that people then and now have enjoyed. In fact, it was practiced by some of the world’s oldest and most illustrious civilizations that gave us some of the most stunning and lasting stone structures ever built - Egyptians’ Pyramids, Indians’ Taj Mahal, Cambodians’ Angkor Wat, Greeks’ Parthenon, and many more.

And here at Custom Landscaping & Design, we strive to continue the discipline of this fine craft with the help of our skilled stonemasons. These craftsmen possess stunning attention to detail and the highest level of expertise in their chosen craft. So if you live anywhere in South Carolina and nearby areas, please feel free to contact us today to learn how we could create awe-inspiring and lasting stone masonry artworks for you.

What Stone Masonry is All About

Simply defined, stone masonry refers to masonry work using stone (specifically, natural stones), such as granite, marble, basalt, brick, slate, sandstone, and the like. This discipline has a lot of applications in residential and commercial areas, which is why they are among our clients’ favorites.

Unlike any other discipline in beautifying the landscape, this job requires unmatched expertise that only years of experience can assure. Fortunately, we have the perfect people who can take on any masonry project no matter how big or small, or how easy or difficult it may be. Our stonemasons have worked on hundreds of projects for commercial and residential clients, which makes them highly qualified to handle your stone masonry needs.

Where Stone Masonry is Applied

At Custom Landscaping, we can create durable, attractive, and functional stone masonry on a lot of applications depending on our clients’ specific needs. Accordingly, here are some of the areas where we can install top-quality stone masonry:

  • Driveways and walkways. One of the areas in landscapes that take a heavy beating, driveways and walkways surely deserve some sort of pampering. And you can do just that by letting us spruce up your driveway or walkway with some brick or granite materials.

  • Patios. Make your patio look romantic by having marble or granite elements like a mini fountain, stone benches and tables, and more. You will never go wrong with our stonemasons’ exquisite masonry handiwork.

  • Decks. What could be more awesome than spending time on a deck made of some superb stone masonry creations? We can create stunning decks with veneers or marble accents, depending on your choice.

  • Steps. Who says that outdoor steps should be boring? Not when you have us! As such, we can create steps that you will surely love to pass by over and over again. We can create brick or granite steps that are guaranteed to last and look good all the time.

The beauty of hiring us is that we can customize designs to match your taste or the general look of your property. Our skilled stonemasons will be more than glad to sit down with you and discuss your ideas. Accordingly, they will also suggest designs that they think would make your property look more stunning. So for your stonemasonry needs, just contact Custom Landscaping & Design today.


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