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Creating a stunning landscape involves planning and an in-depth understanding of various aspects of hardscaping and softscaping. The only way to create a well-balanced and aesthetic look in your outdoor areas is to make sure that you hire professional landscapers like us at Custom Landscaping and Design.

As a company that has been in this industry for over 40 years, we have the ability, experience as well as creativity and resources to handle start to end design consultation and planning solutions including installation of hardscaping elements. The wide variety of services that we offer include:

Landscape Planning & Design

If you want a landscape that performs well is comfortable and makes the best use of the available space is to hire experts like us for the design and installation. We have vast industry experience and make sure that every aspect of your landscape is designed correctly and purposefully. We include a wide variety of structures such as outdoor living features, retaining walls, stone masonry, and pavers, as well as start-to-end landscape lighting, water feature, and drainage solutions. Our landscape architects work closely with you, and make sure that all of these are designed to be resilient, look great, and last for many years. Read More About Landscape Planning & Design >>

Comprehensive Landscaping

When you want any landscape work done, it is best to hire the services of a company that would be able to provide you with end to end solutions. We offer comprehensive landscaping services, which include everything from planning and design, installation, and consultation as well as the installation of hardscapes, softscapes, water features, as well as retaining wall structures and more. We pay attention to detail and make sure that every aspect of the project is completed to industry standards and that all the features are stable and resilient. We also provide consultation services, which include material selection and creative residential and commercial landscape consultations. Read More About Comprehensive Landscaping >>

Outdoor Living

Making optimal use of the areas on your property involves planning and installing the right kind of features. As a company that provides comprehensive landscaping solutions, we can design and install various outdoor living features such as outdoor kitchens, decks, patios, as well as gazebos and pergolas. We customize every aspect of these structures to your requirements so that it needs the needs of your family. Not only do we provide design consultation services but also help with material selection and handle the installation to industry standards. Since you get all of these services under a single roof, it becomes effortless for you to create stunning outdoor areas on your property. Read More About Outdoor Living >>

Retaining Structures

If you have soil erosion issues or sloping land on your property, consider installing retaining walls. These walls are constructed using select concrete masonry units that are very resilient and last for many years. Many companies manufacture retaining wall systems, and we can provide customized installation services for these structures. We work very closely with you and make sure that the retaining walls we design, and plan to complement the overall appearance of various elements in your landscaping. Specially engineered retaining structures improve the stability of the landscape and provide the right kind of support to the features in it. Read More About Retaining Structures >>

Stone Masonry

Natural stone has an inherent appeal and fits in perfectly with various landscaping features. There are different types of natural stones you can choose from for the masonry elements in the outdoor areas of your property. We can construct features made with natural stones, including slate, basalt, granite, marble as well as bluestone and flagstone, etc. Read More About Stone Masonry >>


Structures such as driveways, walkways, pathways, decks as well as patios need proper surface materials. We recommend the use of paver stones for these areas. You can choose from a variety of paver units made of concrete, natural stone, or brick. We handle start-to-end design and installation of different types of stone masonry and paver elements. Read More About Pavers >>


We also handle irrigation design and installation projects. The irrigation layouts and plans we provide will meet the specific needs of your gardens and its plantings so that you have a stable and sustainable landscape. We provide a full range of irrigation design, installation and repair services. We will have your water management under control so that you can have a healthy-looking landscape all year round. Read More About Irrigation >>

Landscape Lighting

When you have beautiful outdoor spaces, you also want to make sure that the installations are visible after dark. You need the right kind of illumination to improve the safety, usability, and appeal of the landscape. We offer high-quality customized landscape lighting solutions to our commercial and residential clients. When we handle this job, you can rest assured that all of the areas will be illuminated perfectly and will have a unique aesthetic appeal. Our company uses high-grade outdoor lighting fixtures and fittings so that they last for many years without any trouble. We also install energy-efficient LED lights, which help to reduce your energy bills. Read More About Landscape Lighting >>

Water Features

Creating a well-balanced landscape is a lot about including various types of features in the right proportions. In addition to softscaping and hardscaping, we also design and install different types of water features. Our team of designers is very skilled and creative in their approach. They will provide customized water feature designs and plans so that you have fountains and waterfalls in your landscape that enhance their appeal. In addition to these features, we can also plan and design structures such as streams, ponds, and more. Not only do we plan these structures down to the last detail, but we also use high-grade materials, so you have resilient water features that last for a long time. Read More About Water Features >>

Drainage Solutions

Just as you need proper hardscaping and softscaping in your landscape, you also need the right kind of drainage system. Incorrectly installed or inadequate landscape drainage can result in various issues such as flooding, soil erosion, scarring, soil compaction, and more. Our experts plan every aspect of your drainage system correctly; all of the excess water in your landscape will be directed towards the main city drains. Not only does this improve the stability of your landscape, but it also ensures that you do not have to deal with flooding-related problems. Depending on the layout of your outdoor areas, we will install subsurface drainage systems that are effective and long-lasting. Read More About Drainage Solutions >>

Landscape Architecture

Planning a landscape and making sure that all its features are purposeful, functional, and aesthetically appealing requires a significant amount of experience and expertise. Our landscapers work closely with you and make sure that every structure that they plan for you is stable, resilient, and appealing. They create the perfect layouts so that the movement flow is right. This approach helps to improve the usability of the available space, giving you a good return on investment. Our landscape architects are involved in every stage of the project, and make sure that the features are installed as per the approved plans. Read More About Landscape Architecture >>


As a highly experienced and reputable company in the landscaping industry, we provide comprehensive landscape design and planning services. On our team are architects and builders that work with you to make sure that you get customized services. Not only do we work with individual property owners but also with other architects, landscape planners, developers, and contractors. We are very knowledgeable in handling all types of commercial and residential landscaping design and planning services. Once you have determined and approved the plans that we have provided, we handle the installation to your 100% satisfaction. Read More About Builders/Architects >>

For high-grade services at cost-effective pricing, you need the skill and experience of professional landscaping company like ours. We are here to help with all your landscape design consultation and planning requirements and complete the installation to industry standards.

When you want high-grade services at cost-effective pricing, you need the skill and experience of professional landscaping company like ours. We are here to help with all your landscape design consultation and planning requirements and handle the installation to industry standards as well. For any more information about our customized landscaping services, feel free to contact Custom Landscaping & Design at this number - 864-313-6198, or through this online form. Our experts will contact you to discuss your project details.

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