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Irrigation Systems

Every home or commercial establishment can have beautiful exteriors simply by adding trees, plants, flowers, and other greenery to it. Everyone knows that these living things provide a lot of benefits to a person's health, disposition, and perspective in life. This is the main reason why an effective irrigation system is crucial to a garden or landscape.

Here are some more reasons why this installation is very important in a landscape:

  • It provides the necessary nutrients for nourishing plants. Fertilization can also be done using irrigation.
  • Soil with enough moisture becomes a more suitable place for seeds to germinate and this is possible with the use of irrigation systems.
  • Roots of plants get most of their needs from the soil. Water makes it easier for them to absorb the much-needed minerals found in soil.
  • Watering the plants is easier, faster, and economical.

There are various irrigation systems that we can recommend for your landscape. The design and type will depend on the needs of your property, your budget, and your preferences. You can choose from:

  • Sprinkler system
  • Underground hose irrigation
  • Centralized irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Rotary irrigation system

When you hire us, you are assured of a well-designed and properly installed irrigation. We have already completed numerous projects in South Carolina that involves the installation of landscape irrigation, so you’re assured of nothing but positive results.

Irrigation Plans and Layouts

Planning the irrigation in landscapes requires knowledge about the different types of plantings and their watering needs. In most cases, irrigation systems are installed as part of a new landscape project, and we work on many of these across the region.

But we can also handle irrigation planning and installation as part of landscape upgrades. For instance, if you are adding some new plants or lawn spaces to an existing landscape and find that the current irrigation system is inadequate, we can plan and install the required features for you.

Sometimes, the irrigation system is faulty or deteriorates over time and needs to be revamped, and we can manage these projects for you too. We will complete this replacement and upgrade work with the least amount of disruption on your property.

Automated Sprinkler Installations

Our expertise in this space is unmatched in many ways. We offer customized services and personalized attention. Our company never compromises on quality but always maintains very cost-effective pricing. We use the latest tools and techniques in our work so that your automatic sprinkler system is installed within the shortest possible time. You will find that we approach every job systematically and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the services we offer.

For any more information about our custom irrigation design and installation services, feel free to contact Custom Landscaping & Design at this number - 864-313-6198, or through this online form. Our experts will contact you to discuss your project details.

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