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Water Features

If there is a particular feature that can complement any type or design of landscape, it would be a water feature. That's why it is not surprising that almost every home in South Carolina has at least one water feature. It could be a pond, a waterfall, or a small fountain.

But if you are still one of the few homeowners in the state without any water element in the landscape, it is time to contact Custom Landscaping & Design. We are a South Carolina company specializing in all aspects of landscaping, including the design and installation of stunning water features.

Perfect Water Feature for your Landscape

Although water features can easily improve the aesthetics of a landscape, it is still very important to choose the right features for your property. The available space, the existing amenities, and the overall theme of your property are just some of the factors that must be considered.

At Custom Landscaping & Design, we ensure that every waterscape that we create will complement the design of your landscape—whether it is Asian or European inspired.

We also recommend different water features for large landscapes and adjust our designs accordingly for smaller gardens. For example, ponds are typically installed on large properties, while a fountain or wall waterfall is best suited to areas with limited space. But, we don't limit our options when working with water features. We collaborate with our clients so that their preferences are incorporated in the design.

Creating Waterscapes for Decades

There are many landscape contractors in the state but not all can provide the same quality work that we put in every project that we handle. This is also true when we're working on water features.

We consider this highly specialized job as an art. The beauty and the health benefits of these water elements can only be achieved if they are built by creative and passionate tradesmen like us. You add to this the experience that we have and you’ll have a very potent combination.

Custom Landscaping & Design has been in the landscaping industry for at least three decades. This is already long enough for us to master the craft of designing and building functional and stunning water features.

Below are some of the features that we can build for you:

  • Ponds. We don't stick with the common pond design. We always give our clients the freedom to choose ponds that will meet their preferences. They can choose from koi ponds, rock ponds, or a mini garden pond, just to name a few.
  • Artificial stream. This water feature is great if you want to hear the sound and healing properties of flowing water. It is best installed in larger areas because we can add more water features like a pond or waterfall.
  • Waterfalls. The great thing about this particular water feature is the flexibility when designing them. We can come up with any design you want and adjust it based on the theme of your landscape. For homeowners who want a safer waterfall, a pondless waterfall is your best option.

We can create more water features for your properties. Just contact us and we will discuss other options for you, like installing beautiful fountains, birdbaths, and bog gardens in your landscape.

We can handle the design and implementation of any size water feature... the photographs below show all ranges of design including a 2-acre pond, a large waterfall feature to a gated resort entrance, and private home ponds and pool features.


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