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Landscape Planning & Design





Custom Landscaping & Design starts each project with a design consultation. We schedule an initial meeting with the home or business owner to get an idea of what they want, how they want to use the property, and reach a consensus about the design of the landscape. This is accompanied by a job site walk in which our team directly assesses the area in its current state to help visualize a plan that takes the homeowner's ideas into account. We then create an initial design and price the landscape.

Custom Landscaping & Design wants to be an integral part of the design process for homeowners. We like to be called in as early as possible into the development process to make recommendations for house placement, flow of driveways and walkways, initial to finish grading, tree selection, and to consider views and vistas on the property while taking drainage into consideration. This phase includes everything from the initial vision to rising to challenges such as color choices for stone that actually play a crucial role in the overall feel of the finished landscape.

Additionally, the design consultation phase is often used for assessment of landscapes with unique challenges (including mountaintop estates and waterfront properties) that require the skills that only 40 years of experience can offer. This is especially true since we are trusted with estates that require highly personalized work. We even work with whole neighborhoods to ensure that a cohesive integration of each property allows for the neighborhood to flow as a single entity.

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Landscape Construction & Consulting

Many property owners wonder whether they need professionals for landscape construction consulting. Today, there are many online resources, home improvement and landscape design magazines, and other resources that are easy to access. The belief is that you can hire local masons or handymen and get some of these features built to create an appealing landscape.

But the truth is that landscape planning requires specialized knowledge and skill. Creating the perfect landscape plans is a lot about making sure that the areas have the right boundaries and movement flow. The features need to be of the right dimensions to create a well-balanced outdoor space. It's also essential to include the right kinds of elements and outdoor structures and use the right materials to create a unique aesthetic.

Custom Landscape Plans

All these things become possible only when you hire professional landscapers like us. We work with you, take your preferences and budget into account, and create stunning landscape plans that are perfectly balanced and attractive. We focus on other aspects such as usability, functionality, and ease of maintenance and make sure that all the areas have the right kind of outdoor lighting features.

You will find our landscape designers to be extremely knowledgeable, and they will offer their suggestions and insights while including your ideas in the landscaping plans. For any additional information about our custom landscape planning and design services, please contact Custom Landscaping & Design at this number - 864-313-6198, or through this online form. Our experts will contact you to discuss your project details.

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