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Retaining Structures

Custom Landscaping & Design has extensive experience when it comes to the construction of retaining structures for landscapes. Be it for commercial or residential purposes, we can help design and build these structures with the highest quality of workmanship, using industry-approved materials and techniques.

Functions of Retaining Structures

Retaining walls are freestanding structures installed in outdoor areas. Their primary purpose is to hold soil or water in place to prevent landslides, soil erosion, or crumbling. In landscaping, these can be used to provide depth, texture, and drama regardless of the decorative theme, while still providing their function for safety and protection. They can even double as seating elements, driveway support, stairwells, pathways, flower boxes, and walls in any outdoor area of a residential or commercial property.

Built for Safety and Aesthetics

Retaining structures play a significant role in maintaining the safety in an area. This is aside from the aesthetic benefits that they provide. In commercial applications, for example, these structures can be built in areas near rivers to prevent soil or dirt from sliding down, thus preventing the likelihood of mudslides and flooding. These can be used in areas where the soil has been dug out to make rooms for sidewalks, parking areas, or walkways. The retaining wall keeps the soil from crumbling down.

These are commonly used in gardens and landscapes to keep soil from eroding when it rains. They also serve as flower boxes to keep soil in place even after watering plants. Retaining structures can also be used for water features, such as a pool or pond built above ground.

Retaining Structures for Landscaping

Every outdoor area is unique when it comes to soil type, appearance, slopes, and needs. We at Custom Landscaping & Design can provide you with assistance in choosing the right retaining structures for your property. We can provide decorative solutions to make your property more attractive and valuable. Here are some of the materials that we can use when building these structures:

  • Concrete. This material is often recommended for areas that require strong walls to keep soil in place. Although not attractive, concrete walls can be decorated or finished with various materials for added appeal, such as veneers, natural stones, or tiles. These are best used in areas where soil has been dug out or properties built at the side of a hill.

  • Brick. Bricks are ideal for landscapes because of their decorative properties. They can be easily stacked together by an expert mason. These are ideal for creating curved or wavy retaining walls and work better in low or subtle slope areas.

  • Stones or Boulders. If you want something that would match the natural surroundings of your home or office, stone or boulder retaining walls are recommended. This, however, may require careful planning and installation to ensure maximum benefits. These are ideal for fences and support for driveways and stairways.

Retaining Wall Builder in South Carolina

Whether you are in Greenville, Charlotte, Atlanta, or just about anywhere in South Carolina, we will be more than glad to provide you with excellent designs and installation of retaining structures in your property.

Contact Custom Landscaping & Design through phone or through our website, and take advantage of our free estimate and consultation services. We are your reliable retaining structure builder in South Carolina.


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